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Ordering Instructions

  • To ensure consistency and accuracy, there is a proper order in which to refer to the sizes of our products. When ordering, please state quantity first, followed by width, then height. Width is always the horizontal dimension regardless of the grain direction.
  • Please specify door style, material, finished door size, outside edge detail, profiles, options, and method of delivery (will call, delivery via DCD, UPS, or common carrier).
  • Phone orders are clearly read back to the customer. Any uncorrected wrong sizes, materials, edge details, etc., then become the responsibility of the customer. A confirmation will be faxed or mailed upon order entry. Please verify all information promptly. E-mailed or faxed orders are suggested to avoid ordering errors. Blank order forms are available upon request or may be downloaded.
  • Orders go into production at 6:30 a.m. the next business day following the order date. Rush orders go into production immediately.
  • Changes on door orders in progress will receive a handling charge based upon percentage of completion and will cause a new ship date to be issued. In some cases it may be less expensive to order a new door rather than change one in progress.
  • All glass door frames will be rabbeted to accept glass. Arch doors are squared off at top of back unless otherwise specified. This is to allow you to use a square piece of glass. Clear vinyl glass stop is provided for an additional charge.
  • Order confirmations are routinely faxed, mailed or e-mailed and do not need to be signed and returned to us. Please read your confirmation carefully. If there are any changes needed, please let our Customer Service Representatives know as soon as possible so we can make the adjustments before your order goes into production. Some orders may go into production the same day they are ordered.
  • Design Craft Door will be happy to offer a quote on any project, regardless of size. Doors should be ordered as normal. Please specify for quote or bid only. The work order will not be released to production until you return a signed copy of the quote.

Rush Orders

  • Circumstances sometimes require receiving an order faster than normal scheduling times. Rush orders may be placed up to three days ahead of normal schedule. Please call our Customer Service Representatives to discuss your needs, order sizes and our ability to meet your needs. The rush order program should only be used in extenuating circumstances. Rush orders will receive a 25% additional charge.
  • If you find it necessary to order additional doors for orders already processed (i.e. missed or replacement doors) they can be processed with a expedited lead time and receive a 10% rush charge as opposed to our normal 25% rush charge, at your request.


  • If Design Craft Door makes an error on your order, we will expedite remakes as a special rush order. We will rebuild the problem door or doors and return them to you at no additional charge. We will ship your order via the same manner as the original order unless requested otherwise.


  • All prices are F.O.B. Design Craft Door, Inc., Damascus, Oregon.
  • Orders requiring common carrier shipment will be sent Freight Collect.
  • Size of the order or specific items will determine the method of shipment. Items with a combined length and girth greater than 130 inches [length + (width X 2)] generally cannot be packaged to meet UPS requirements and may require delivery by common carrier.
  • All orders shipped via UPS or common carrier will be assessed a handling charge of $.65 per item.
  • DCD delivery services are available to parts of Oregon and Washington.
  • Although shipping damage is rare, it sometimes does occur. Please save all packaging materials along with damaged items and call DCD Customer Service. We will be happy to place the claim but all contents must be saved including the damaged items. Damage caused by UPS or common carriers must be noted at the time of delivery, on the delivery receipt, in order to process a claim.

Terms, Invoicing and Payment

  • New customers will be required to have all orders shipped C.O.D. until a good business relationship has been established, usually after two or three orders. In addition, a first order may require a 50% deposit. Design Craft Door offers credit terms upon approval of a signed and completed credit application. All payments will be applied to the oldest unpaid invoice or finance charge on statement. Any account in excess of the established credit limit or beyond terms will be placed in a C.O.D. status, and all orders will be shipped C.O.D. plus a percentage of the overdue balance until the account is current. Overdue accounts will be reviewed by our Credit Manager and may be turned over to an outside collection agency at our discretion.
  • Established customers are welcome to apply for credit with Design Craft Door. Contact a Customer Service Representative for a credit application. Please allow adequate time to process the credit application.
  • Orders may be paid for with cash, check, Visa, MasterCard or American Express. All credit card transactions will receive a 3.5% transaction fee.


  • Design Craft Door warrants the outside dimension of all products to be within ± 3/64˝. All parts of the assembled doors will be within ± 3/32˝ tolerance.
  • Design Craft Door warrants all products to be within ± 1/16˝ of square measured diagonally from the outside corners of the door.
  • Standard finished thickness of wood doors is 13/16˝ for doors made from 4/4 material.

Construction & Terminology

  • The diagram below of a two panel high W1200 door shows the parts of the door and normal grain direction for panels of raised panel, flat panel, and solid wood doors. Panels are not matched with any regard to the direction of the growth rings in the lumber. Grain direction may be specified to run horizontally. Grain direction on one piece drawer fronts is horizontal.
  • Our standard stile and rail width for normal construction on doors is 2-1/4˝ (57 mm) wide. Five piece drawer fronts are constructed with 2-1/4˝ (57 mm) wide stiles and 1-1/2˝ (38 mm) wide rails. Door thickness is 13/16˝ (20.5 mm). On raised panel doors, spacers are used to center panels and to reduce rattling, while allowing for expansion and contraction of the center panel.

Center Stile or Rail Placement

  • There are no set placements for center rails or stiles. Normally if a door is two panels wide or high, the center stile or rail will be placed in the measured center. You may specify the placement of center stiles and rails by giving the distance between the stiles and rails. Unless specified, center stiles and/or rails will be the same width as the outside stiles and rails.
  • Orders requiring custom stile or rail widths carry an additional surcharge per custom width.

Stile and Rail Placement

Hinge Boring

We offer two types of hinge preparation: Euro and Demountable. Our standard Euro hinge preparation is 35 mm in diameter and is drilled 3/32˝ (2.5 mm) from the edge of the door to the nearest edge of the hole. The standard distance from the top or bottom of the door to the center of the hole is 78 mm. Doors over 36 inches in height will automatically receive a third hole in the center of the door; doors over 72 inches high will receive 4 hinge holes.

Demountable hinge preparation is 3˝ (76 mm) to the center of the hinge from top and bottom of the door.

Standard hinge preparation costs an additional $2.00 per door.
You may specify different placement or number of hinge holes. Custom hinge placement is $3.00 per hole.


Lazy Susan Doors

Painting and Staining

If you are painting your five piece doors, we recommend ordering paint grade woods for the rails and stiles and MDF for the panel. Natural wood and unselect wood are for dark staining only. Select grade will be better color matched and will take lighter stains more evenly.


All our doors are wide belt sanded to 220 grit and then hand orbital sanded with 180 grit to remove any remaining visible defects. Sanding costs are included in the regular door price. You may want to lightly sand your doors with the same finish grit as your cabinet frames to ensure closer color matching when staining and to remove oils or rub marks created during shipping and handling.

Pre Finishing

Drawer Boxes

Finger Scoop Option


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